Headache Relief Center Portland, Oregon

Headaches known clinically as cephalagia are defined as pain in the regions of the neck and head are a symptoms of many different conditions. The brain itself is not sensitive to pain, but many structures around it are,such as the various muscles,veins, arteries and tissues around the skull as well as the eyes, ears, sinuses and mucous membranes. There a number of ways to help treat both primary (headache disorders) and secondary headaches (headaches caused by issues elsewhere in the body).  As your Portland Headache Relief Center, Access Health Centers provides you with a number of options both Chiropractic and Massage related to help treat headaches and the pains they cause.

Headache Relief Treatments

Chiropractic treatment can be a huge help to those suffering from headaches, chronic or otherwise. Often times the manual manipulation of areas of the spinal column and neck, also known as an adjustment can provide ample relief.  This act of manual manipulation works to relieve tension (the main source of headaches within the neck, head and spine).  Adjustments correct alignment issues and well as relieve pressure on nerves and the spine which can have an effect on blood flow amongst other things. This increase blood flow and corrective alignment relieve tension and promote overall health.  Trigger Point therapies offer a similar results but work to target specific, pinpoint areas of pain and discomfort.

Therapeutic massage is another excellent way to receive headache relief. Tension from stress, illness or physical ailment causes issues with muscles, connective tissues and throughout the body.  Tightness or stress within an area of the body can easily spread to other areas as they cause the body to compensate (hence the misalignment when centered on the neck or spine). Massage therapy works to loosen the muscles and connective tissues both on the surface and on deeper levels, which again, helps to increase blood flow and relieve tension and pressure.

Access Health Centers

Access Health Centers is not only your headache relief center, but they also your chiropractic and massage therapy specialists for any number of pains and ailments aside from headaches. They also provide spinal decompressionand accident injury therapy, as well as sports massage therapies in addition to the one mentioned here for combating headaches. If you are suffering from headaches, neck pain, back pain or are in need of Rehabilitation or Massage therapy of any kind, contact Access Health Centers.

Conditions that we treat include:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck pain
  • Mid back pain
  • Low back pain
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Headaches
  • Foot pain
  • TMJ problems
  • Sports injuries
  • Work injuries
  • Weight management
  • Wellness care
  • Expectant mothers